Make Your 360 Photos LOOK BETTER FAST! Photoshop Tutorial

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Photoshop recently became 360 friendly, which means you can now get your 360 photos to look BETTER THAN EVER using the awesome editing tools inside of Photoshop on your 360s.



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26 Comments to “Make Your 360 Photos LOOK BETTER FAST! Photoshop Tutorial”

  1. 360VirtualView

    Man that was so quick i had to replay steps …suggest less coffee 🙂 and if you redo this video pls slow it down and expand the view of what you select in the tools so that we can see what is being done clearly much appreciated Ben :}

  2. Jugoslav Durovic

    Hi Ben, excellent tutorial. Just a question about the stitch line which is always visible after color correction. Do you color edit a dng photo in Camera raw as a equirectangular photo and than use 3d mode or you are saying that I should first open a photo in 3d mode in photoshop and than color edit in Camera raw, which are the steps from importing to Photoshop? Thank you.

  3. Seeking Light

    hi Ben, thanks for the tutorial. How did you change the extent of the brush circle in minute 1:57? My brush circle is minuscule and I have to do lots of strokes to get rid of the tripod.

  4. Delmarva Aerial Photography

    I am on a PC and I dont have the merge down function, only the merge layers function. When I click it, it turns the image into a cropped photo and i lose the rest of the 360 image that isnt in the current frame. Any one know what I am doing wrong?

  5. Amy Mags

    After ONE MORE major problem with my PC laptop, and another inability to edit 3D photos on it, I've decided to jump ship, switch sides, etc. I'm going to invest in an Apple desktop and enjoy photos on a fast machine and a big screen. See y'all on that side of the fence!

  6. David McIlvride

    Just looked at your video again and paid attention to your file. I was working with a 16bit file, and yours was 8. When you work with anything higher than 8bit space, then the healing brush doesn't work … and the file goes dark … figured that out … thanks.

  7. David McIlvride

    I have the same problem as messenger films down below … when I open up the spherical layer, it goes dark and you can't edit with the healing brush … any tips here? what's happening that's different from out set up to yours? thanks Ben … keep it coming.

  8. Dima Rantisi

    Dear Ben, could you please explain step by step how to get rid of WEIRD SEAM LINE while shooting DNG photo for virtual tours – after or before – editing with camera raw? I'm using Insta 360 one x

  9. Trevor Coultart

    This is the second time I've seen this method for covering the monopod , but I'm struggling with it. I'm familiar with all the tools you use, but have never worked in the 3D environment before, so this seems to be the only difference, yet as soon as I try any of the tools to cover the tripod (content aware fill, healing brush, clone stamp, patch) the repaired area comes up really dark. All settings appear to be as normal and work fine in the normal 2D environment. Any guesses as to what might be happening?

  10. BVillano

    When i go into the 3D Pano mode, it distorts the color very bad and reduces overall quality of the image. Anyone run into this? Only work around to remove the nadar is to go into Filer/Distort/Polar Coordinates

  11. Efrain E. Arocha C.

    Hi Ben, thanks for your videos. I'm starting on this. How you download the raw file on the Mija? I can only download the one that shows the two big spheres from both cameras. When I do the stitching on camera then I only can get a JPEG. Thanks again.

  12. Jennifer Provost

    I'm trying to do my edits as described in this video. I've opened the image in PS, gone to the 3D menu, selected Spherical Panorama-new panorama from layer. I tried using both the healing tool and also the clone tool and in both cases, the correction is made, but then all the brushed areas appear as black circles; like instead of sampling from an area and applying the correction it looks like I've just painted over in black. (but the corrections are there when I first apply them, but the circles turn black) What am I doing wrong? Thank you

  13. Luke Banfield

    Hi again Ben, thanks so much for all the information you share. I found it invaluable in getting my first ever virtual tour done: – the client was very happy and I couldn't have done it without your reviews and tutorials.


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