41 Comments to “[Vietsub] Masterchef US Vua Đầu Bếp Mỹ Season 5 Ep 4”

  1. Thuy Tien Nguyen Le

    Courtney cô ấy thực sự là một đối thủ mạnh, thật buồn khi sai lầm của cô ấy đã đưa cô ấy lọt vào top 3 nguy hiểm. Cô ấy xứng đáng có được cơ hội thứ 2.

  2. Hamza Rauf

    I absolutely love how much humble Francis is. I have never seen him talk bad about someone else in this entire season. First he helped Courtney and the way he congratulated Leslie was the best.

  3. Princess Buttercup

    It really makes me feel sick watching them rip those live creatures to pieces – how does nobody care that they're mass slaughtering animals? They're living, breathing creatures not ingredients just sitting there.


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